This policy for personal data and content is applicable to this forum owned and managed by Zinzino Nordic AB.

Personal data policy

To write or comment in this forum, you must give your name and email address. Your email address will never be visible to others in the forum.

Zinzino Nordic AB stores the following data about you:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your IP address
  • Any other personal data which you give in your post or comment

By posting or commenting this forum, you give your consent to our storing the above information about you for a maximum of3 years.

By posting in the forum, you also give your consent to the following:

  • The name you give will be published publicly together with your post.
  • You give your email address to Zinzino Nordic AB to be stored and used in compliance with Swedish law.
  • Zinzino Nordic AB has the right to contact you via this email address.
  • Zinzino Nordic AB has the right to use your name and email address for database searches, but only for internal use (such as customer service system or other databases accessible to the company)
  • Zinzino Nordic AB commits to never sell or spread your email address to third parties beyond what is set out in this policy without your written consent.

If you wish to remove your information from this forum, you make this request known by clicking on the warning triangle and writing an explanation as to what you want to do; an editor will remove your information quickly.

Content policy

As a user of this forum, you accept that what you write will be published and can thus be read by other users.

For content that is published in the forum, the following guidelines apply:

  • Individuals who wish to remove or register a complaint about inappropriate content can do so by using the notification function in connection to posts and comments.
  • We always remove inappropriate content. Such content includes but is not limited to racist posts, hate speech directed toward ethnic groups, pornography, threats or offensive/derogatory comments about individuals, infringement of people's personal integrity, incitement to violence, criminal behavior, advertisements that explicitly promote products and corporations, as well as posts that obviously infringe on copyright. We also ask our users to avoid unnecessarily aggressive language such as swear words, which are often experienced as offensive.
  • In some cases, we also delete posts which are manifestly irrelevant to the website or the context in which they are posted.